Writing Prompt: An Image Saved

Do you save images off the internet?  I rarely do now.  I used to do it all the time.  Oh, maybe I  want to look at this again.  Maybe I’ll use this somewhere.  There was a time I had a lot of the LolCat Meme images on my computer or just those where an animal is captioned.

I still giggle at this.

But that was back when I had nothing better to do on my laptop.  I later realize all these saved images where just taking up space.  I never looked at them, so why keep them?

The other thing about saving images to your computer is that you don’t always remember where you got it from.  What if you want to use it and you don’t have the source?  That could get you into trouble, right?

However, there is a neat tool out there called Google Search by Image.  If you have an image on a website and no source is listed, you can click and drag the image to the search box and it will tell you where on the internet you can find it.  I just did it with the above image, even though it was saved onto my computer:


So, with the use of this type of very useful search, one is able to easily link back to the image source.


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