Writing Prompt: As Seen In…

Ariana Page Russell is an artist who caught my attention as I was browsing the internet one day.  At the time, she was taking photographs of her skin.  She has dermatographia, a skin condition that when the skin is irritated by a scratch or something similar, it raises slightly and becomes red.  I believe Russell has done something interesting by using her skin as her canvas for her art.

Index by Ariana Page Russell

I have dermatographia, too.  You used to be able to play Tic-Tac-Toe on my skin! (My friends thought that was both awesome and disgusting.)  But, now I think I’m growing out of it.

Tension from grocery bags caused this one.

While mine isn’t as severe as Russell’s anymore, I still found it cool that an artist used something, which I used to think was embarrassing, as something beautiful. She took what materials she had and made something out of them.

Rather than “As Seen In,” maybe this should really be “As Seen On.”


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