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Gallery Show: In Stitches

I forgot to announce on here about the 3rd Annual ASU Fiber Club show (or FAN, the Fiber Art Network), In Stitches!  It is located in the Step Gallery between Sacks and Gallery 100.  The reception was last night and it had a wonderful turn out!  The show will remain in the Step Gallery until this Friday, March 2.

Memories of Wynken, Blynken and Nod

For more information please go here: 


Writing Prompt: Dear me…

Dear me,

So, guess what.  Another weekend is over.  Did you do anything mildly productive?  If so, good.  But did you do anything for yourself?  Did you go on that hike?  Did you get to the Botanical Garden to paint?  No?  Well, make it happen sometime soon.  There’s tons of time for you to lounge in your room with your laptop getting your homework done.  You need to get out a little more especially when the weather is so nice!

Good job talking to your parents yesterday about that internship opportunity.  I know they didn’t have the same reaction as your sisters did, but they’re still happy for you deep down even if they don’t know how to show or express it.  Know something else?  You’re getting better at overcoming your fear of them.  You’re 21 now.  You have a bit more responsibility.  I think you can go ahead and ask to go to San Diego for a longer weekend, rather than a single day like the original plan is.  Rejection sucks, but if you want independence, you need to stick your neck out some more and voice your wants and needs.  You may be the youngest girl in the family, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have privileges to stretch your wings and fly.

While we’re talking about those internship opportunities, I want to tell you that you’ve come a long way from last year.  You were timid, hated cover letters and resumes because you didn’t know how to write them or didn’t think your experience was worth it.  Megan, you made a good decision taking two classes this semester that would help you out with that and more.  Now you feel like a pro!  You have come so far from getting frustrated at not finding anything online, to calling around to places who probably wouldn’t have offered internships otherwise and made your own position.  That is so wonderful.

At this point in the semester, midterms are coming up and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.  You might not know where to focus next.  But right now, just focus on what is near at hand.  All the prep work is done, just get going.  Check those assignments and projects off your list one by one.  They look like looming monsters from afar, but really, they’re just little creatures easily overcome when it comes down to it.  And even though housing plans for next semester have fallen through, you’ve been given the okay to seek out an alternative.  It will all fall into place.

Something else: take care of yourself.  Get rid of that cough you’re sporting.  Eat more and eat better.  Drink more water.  If you hate city water so much, then get bottled water.  Next time you’re at the store, get some fruit.  Your body needs it.  And don’t worry about exercising to tone up.  You’re fine the way you are.  In fact, you’re more than fine.  You’re beautiful.

Back to what I was saying at the beginning, don’t be so lazy.  You might feel unmotivated, but all you need to do is work on a schedule, a rhythm.  Once you get it all figured out, you’ll have more time to do the things you want to when you want to.  Just because you feel uninspired doesn’t mean you should waste your time.

I guess I just want to finish this, Megan, by saying that you are stronger now than you have ever been.  Embrace that.  Embrace your beautiful heart that will lift you into all the right places.  Just gotta spread your wings and go.

Dragonfly by Tom Clifton

Writing Prompt: The Best Time of Day is…

I’m a night owl.  I would rather stay up till 2 am (or later on the weekends) than get up at the crack of dawn.  However, the more I think about it, I wish I could get up at a decent early hour, say 8ish, and go about my day.

I love to sleep, so maybe when I get to go to bed at night (even though I don’t always want to) is my favorite time of day.  But I also like the moments in the middle of the night when I’m the only one awake.  It’s not like I do anything super productive then (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t).  I just enjoy being awake late.  Something else I enjoy is that feeling when your eyelids are just too heavy to continue staying awake.  Of course, I don’t enjoy it when I’m in the middle of a morning class, but when I’m already in my bed during those late hours I spend awake.

This prompt brought something else to mind.  Last November, I took my very first road trip all by myself.  My initial plan was to get up at 4am and go, but I ended up getting up at 3am.  I enjoyed the feeling of driving through the dark, few cars on the road, and just the moon as my company.  When it began to get light out a few hours later, I was almost sad because I knew there would be more people on the road and I had been enjoying the dark atmosphere.  I hope I can do another one of those trips soon.

Another thing that I thought of as I started writing this post was something that my Dad did to us as we were growing up (and now).  Early Saturday morning, when we lived in Kansas still, he would stomp up the stairs reciting the last stanza of Longfellow’s Psalm of Life:

    Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate ;
Still achieving, still pursuing,
Learn to labor and to wait.

He would then proceed to come into my siblings bedrooms and shake the mattress saying, “GOOD MORNING!”  While we didn’t enjoy it at the time, and while we no longer have stairs for him to stomp up as he recites the poem, we laugh when it continues to happen when we’re home at holidays.  Sometimes we even do it to each other.

So, in closing, I guess I enjoy the wee hours of the morning the best, but preferably when I see them before I go to sleep.

Writing Prompt: As Seen In…

Ariana Page Russell is an artist who caught my attention as I was browsing the internet one day.  At the time, she was taking photographs of her skin.  She has dermatographia, a skin condition that when the skin is irritated by a scratch or something similar, it raises slightly and becomes red.  I believe Russell has done something interesting by using her skin as her canvas for her art.

Index by Ariana Page Russell

I have dermatographia, too.  You used to be able to play Tic-Tac-Toe on my skin! (My friends thought that was both awesome and disgusting.)  But, now I think I’m growing out of it.

Tension from grocery bags caused this one.

While mine isn’t as severe as Russell’s anymore, I still found it cool that an artist used something, which I used to think was embarrassing, as something beautiful. She took what materials she had and made something out of them.

Rather than “As Seen In,” maybe this should really be “As Seen On.”

Project Progress: Reliquary, Better Late Than Never

I kept meaning to take pictures of the progress of this reliquary project for Advanced Surface Design, but it just never happened.  I maybe have one shot of me embroidering it.  Also, blogging is one of the last things I’m thinking of as I’m in panic mode (this entire weekend was panic mode) trying to make something work, or trying to finish it on time.  So, here is my Requiem for a Sand Dollar.

The embroidered purple swirly things are meant to be something like mermaid tails because it is a folk belief that sand dollars are lost mermaid coins.  The blue embroidery reminded me of tentacles. The strings along the sides are threaded through the middle (under the sand dollar).  They are attached to the shell at the bottom and when you pull them, the box closes.

However, you have to pull pretty hard and hold it.  It won’t stay closed.  This frustrates me because the size requirement says 6×6″ (or 7, she gave us an inch of breathing room).  And open, it’s not that size.  My sister made the comment that it is a reliquary for something from the sea and the sea cannot be contained, so it wants to burst out.  I liked that.

Also, the sort of flower embroidery on the outside was meant to represent the design on sand dollars.

Eek, straining tendon from holding it so tight!

Why did I do a sand dollar?  It goes along with the ocean theme I had started last semester in my first Surface Design class.  Also, I was thinking about how many reliquaries have bits of bone and things from saints.  Well, a sand dollar isn’t but a skeleton of a sea animal so I thought it was fitting.

Critique is this afternoon (Monday, February 13), and I’m a bit nervous because I felt like this project could have gone so much better.  Namely, I wish it would stay closed without me holding it.  But, again, it’s the sea and it cannot be contained.  I’m considering having it hang on the wall until we get to me in the critique.

Now, I would like to know what you think of this.  Please let me know in the comments below!

The Fine Line Between Childhood and Being an Adult

When I was trying to come up with my goals for one of my previous posts, I had a difficult time looking too far into the future.  I discussed it with a few people and the subject of marriage and kids turned up.  I think because I have such a hard time looking forward even into the next year, nevermind 5-10, I don’t even want to imagine the possibility of either of those two things happening.  First off, I don’t really have a steady relationship at the moment (I do, but I don’t…it’s far too complicated to explain here and it’d bore you anyway) and while I’m fully invested in that, I’m not sure where that will go.  Second, I’m a nanny.  I babysit kids all the time.  The last thing I want to do is have to take care of my own kids right now.  Emphasizing the notion of how I don’t feel grown up, I want to live my life a little and feel a little more like an adult before settling down.  I’m watching so many people around me getting engaged and married, even pregnant, at a young age and part of me wonders what I’m doing wrong (or right in some cases).  The other part just dismisses it and goes back to focusing on my school, my art, and my own problems and worries.  Let’s get that all sorted out before bringing someone else into the mix, shall we?

19 here. I think I look 16 or 17.

I’m 21.  I don’t feel like I’m 21. I’ve been 21 since December.  For most of my college career, I’ve been assumed to be younger than I really am.  When I turned 20, I celebrated with my family by going to a movie and to dinner at the White Chocolate Grill.  My Dad asked our server how old he thought I was.  He looked at me and hesitantly said, “13….?  16….?”  Shaking his head with a chuckle, my Dad said, “Nope, 20.”  Another time, we went in as a family to get our passports renewed at the post office.  The fellow assisting us didn’t even ask me to sign my form because he thought I was under 12.  Dad says I’ll be carded for a long time, and everyone says to be thankful I look so young.  I suppose I can’t really complain in that aspect, but I just want to feel like I am this adult who can go out in the world and do things.

Something else I wanted to discuss on the topic of still being a kid was my absolute love for Disney.  I grew up going to Disneyworld every four years or so, I’ve been to Disneyland multiple times, I have books, pins, and listen to podcasts on the subject.  I can spew off a number of facts about rides, the parks, and more if you just ask.  The last time we went to Disneyland every time we got off a ride, my family would crowd around me and ask, “What next, Megan?”  Now, here comes the adult thing about my love for Disney parks.  I didn’t want to rush.  That seemed to be the childish thing to do.  I wanted to take my time.  Meander.  Enjoy the park while I was there.  Take in the sights, sounds, and smells.  They wanted to take in the attractions as fast as possible.  I wanted to take in that and more in a paced way.

Drenched after Splash Mountain

Disneyland is on my mind because my brother is getting to go there with a friend this weekend.  He’s going to California, Disneyland and the beach.  My parents are going to spend a long weekend in Kansas visiting one of my sisters, her husband and their children.  And I will be here.  In Arizona, at school.  Maybe it is the adult thing to do: to accept my lot and use the weekend to work on my projects.  Nevertheless, how I wish I could be traveling this weekend.

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